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Quality vs. Quantity

The average home that has Well Water has not been properly sized simply because of the competitiveness of the Water Filtration Industry. When there is multiple companies bidding for the same job, somehow the one with the lowest price wins the bid. I have been on the losing end of the bid. Even after conducting a thorough Water Analysis. The company that wins the bid would somehow neglect to stick to protocol and follow the Water Analysis.

It is humanly impossible to under bid by $700-$800 and

offer the same Water System, so therefore, the customer are

presented with the lesser price not knowing that the Sales Representative is proposing less of a Water System.

How can 99% of the Water Filtration Companies buy from the same supplier at the same discounted price and one company somehow out bid the other companies by hundreds, of dollars? Are you sure that they're matching apples to apples?

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